From Ibiza to Alicante

Yesterday we left the anchor at the bay of Clot d’es Llamp on the np1070949orth east coast of Ibiza to head toward Alicante on the Spanish coast where we arrived this morning at 7:00am after 24 hours of navigation with the wind constantly in front of us, reaching up to 35 knots.

We had the chance to further test Zoe in somehow challenging conditions, having proof that we have the right rigging for the trip that we are undertaking.

alicante-rFrom a distance, Alicante appeared to us as bunch of buildings without any architectonic plan, however walking in the small “calles” of the old city and the beachfront we got a very positive feeling of how life here can be. Not only the temperature is warm all year long, but also the people were extremely welcoming and friendly.

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