From Alicante to Cartagena

img-20161016-wa0001We left Alicante quite late in the morning, with very little wind. We spent last night anchored in front of Santa Pola, in a bay called Puerto Espato. This morning we set sails toward Cartagena, where we arrived tonight. We had a very pleasant navigation averaging 6 knots of speed with never more than 12 knots of wind (thanks code zero – the new front sail!); the ease of navigation gave us the opportunity to catch 3 small tuna fishes. We know what we will have for dinner tonight!

One thought on “From Alicante to Cartagena

  1. H.R.Park says:

    Hi Sergio,
    Today is Oct 27 here in Korea. I have been “e-sailing” following you but no news posted after Oct 16. Already in the Atlantic Ocean?
    Hope you have some time to update how & where you are.


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