Half way through

This is the 3rd day at sea, we have 300 miles to go. The day was very calm, again no wind, so we are are motoring it through. We will see what happens with our diesel tank… we are keeping the engine at 2000 rpm wondering if we’ll need to use our little extra diesel reserve… We’ll see! And who knows… Perhaps we’ll make use of the wind that the forecasts mention to partially appear tomorrow!

gibilterra-a-lanzeroteA little sparrow (or something similar to it) made home inside the boat, even though the food we gave to him was of no interest. He shows a lot of confidence, our heads seem to be a good replacement for a tree branch, and he come and goes inside the cabin which must find more comfortable than the open Ocean. We’ll give him a ride to the land – no immigration papers required!


The Atlantic Ocean is very different from what we expected in terms of colors. Even though there are just few clouds, there is a general sense of grayness, with the horizon sometimes melted with the sky. The sunset is even difficult to identify!

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