Landing in Lanzarote

We are finally approaching Lanzarote where we expect to land tomorrow morning at around 5am. We have 70 miles to go, and we keep motoring slowly – we were able to make it with our diesel tank, coping for the total absence of wind.

We have sailed approximately 1600 nautical miles since we left home.

Today was finally a sunny and warm day, and was really enjoyable to watch again the dolphins playing along the sides and the bow of Zoe.



This morning we also saw two larger cetaceans; we will try to find out what they might have been.


This is the landscape approaching  the island of Lanzarote.


2 thoughts on “Landing in Lanzarote

  1. Brigitte and Emilia says:

    haha … getting closer and closer ! It is really nice to follow you from….far away .
    kisses from Emilia and I . love to you both !


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