Sailing with “Pippo”

This is our third day at sea. Yesterday we have been motoring all day due to the absence of wind. The only event deserving a note was meeting a small school of dolphins that played along the boat for more than half an hour. It is always exciting to watch their jumps and the interactions between each other.

This morning at 3:00am we finally got a little bit of wind that has increased to force 5 in the late afternoon. The wind comes from 120°, we therefore were able to put at work our wing on wing setup (pictures will follow on our arrival). Tonight we reached 8 knots of speed with 20 knots of wind. We also started using the new wind vane (a second autopilot, a mechanical one, that runs out of the wind). So far so good. Since it is replacing us at the helm without any energy consumption, it behaves like a friend for us so we decided to name it “Pippo”. He is in good company with “Windy”, our wind generator, that frenetically runs all day to produce some of the energy that we use.


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