2100 miles to Barbados!

Since yesterday we have constantly been running at 6+ knots, with peaks of 9. Our slow start is rapidly turning destiny.

Yesterday afternoon we finally got in sight contact with Lucy Alice, the boat of Ian and Glenda, a very nice British couple with whom we familiarized when in Tenerife. Since the start of the rally we made very similar choices in setting our courses, so we have been able to talk to each other on VHF at least a couple of times a day. Seeing Lucy Alice from a distance was a true emotion after days of open landscape. Soon after we had to agree with a fisherman boat on our reciprocal courses as our routes were quickly leading to collision. It is actually always a pleasure to talk to working boats as they are extremely understanding of our limitations under sails, and willing to adjust their course to help us out. During the night we made two important new encounters: 1. a thundersquall (that we were supposed to experience much later) that was announced by a sudden raise of wind speed, and 2. Her Majesty the “true” Atlantic ocean wave. Actually, we recognized her only this morning with the light of the sunrise; there were no doubts; she is exactly as described by friends, books and movies.


Yesterday we also caught our first “Dorado”, a wonderful golden greenish fish. We are looking for recommendations on how to cook it!

2 thoughts on “2100 miles to Barbados!

  1. Harriet Leitner says:

    We’re very happy to hear that you’re sailing with another boat…at least for now. As for the Dorado, just cook in a little oil and make a butter sauce with butter, lemon juice, garlic, salt, pepper and basil….yum. Safe travels.
    Harriet and Barry

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  2. lutzmarten says:

    Sergio, great to hear from you out there on the atlantic ocean! Seems you and Gemma have a great time! Regarding the Dorade I would prepare it with lemon, salt and pepper and put it on a grill (if you have it on board) to barbecue gently! Enjoy the meal! 🙂


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