Dancing right in the middle of the ocean

Today we have reached the half way point between Cape Verde and Barbados, between Africa and America. The satellite phone abandoned its European companion to join the American star – in fact since a couple of days.

Yesterday we found in the pockets of our backpack a USB key with a fabulous selection of Italian music, which was a great change to the several CDs of classical music that we picked up when we left Rome. When we inserted the USB key in the radio we could not believe what hidden treasure we found. We spent hours singing and dancing in the cockpit “our” music from the 70’s and 80’s (click here to see the video). The rolling helped to keep the rhythm!

3 thoughts on “Dancing right in the middle of the ocean

  1. Flavia Aleixo says:

    We are anxiously waiting for this amazing video of you dancing and happy in the middle of the ocean! AMAZING!!!
    Kisses and lots of love,
    Javier & Flavia


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