The frog

For days we were perceiving a “kra kra” noise, just like a frog sitting on on the right hand pole, the one holding the Yankee out. We tried to oil the junctions to the mast, but the frog didn’t stop. Last night we finally discovered the source of the noise; not a frog, not even the pole, but the sheet of the Yankee that was. Breaking – and it broke!- because of chafe. Of course these things always happen at night, so we had to roll the Yankee and decided to wait until daylight to pull down the pile, attach the sheet back to the sail (with some extra anti-chafe tape) and go back to routine!

While very aware of the problems with chafe in long passages, we did not recognize the early signs of it,… Another lesson learned!

Today we saw an egret, a bird which we did not think could fly so far from land, in the middle of the ocean!


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