The mistery of the algae

oceano-sargassiSince a couple of days, we observed on the surface of the ocean some yellowish agglomerates which to us resemble a kind of algae. At the beginning it was just a few spot every now and then, but since this morning they became much more frequent, forming ling, wide strips moving in the opposite direction of our boat. We cannot imagine where they come from, and if the truly are algae or something else. What is astonishing is the quantity of them, at times covering large areas of the surface around us. A photo will follow. Has anybody an idea or heard of such a phenomenon?

We are 280 miles from Barbados. Since yesterday we logged 170 miles. The wind seems to be favorable, at night even too much, forcing us to reduce sails.

2 thoughts on “The mistery of the algae

  1. Rich and Diane says:

    Could it be sargassum instead of alge? The sargassum is found only in the North Atlantic away from coastlines. You are lucky to see these floating micro bio masses – seaweed that is home to mamy species of fish and other ocean creatures. I hope it’s sargassum!


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