Arrived in Barbados!



After 23 days at sea and 2600 nautical miles today we landed in Barbados, at the Shallow Draught Harbour, where the people from Cornell and friends from other crews welcomed us.

Amazingly, we did not feel the sea (actually the land) sickness that we were expecting after such a long time off ground, with our equilibrium system set to cope with the continuous rolling.

An agent from the Cornell organization helped us to complete the immigration formalities which can be quite complex and long.

The harbour where we are moored is next to a commercial port, in the periphery of the capital Bridgetown. After having settled down we walked to downtown, and reached the Careenage basin, where other boats from this rally are moored right in the middle of the city. We decided not to be moved there, but rather stay in this odd but clean and quite place. We found out that we can reach the town by collective taxis.





11 thoughts on “Arrived in Barbados!

  1. Anita S Guha says:

    Wow! 23 days in the sea. Sounds amazing and quite scary! But you both look fabulous so it’s obviously doing you a great deal of good! Looking forward to getting more vicarious pleasure from your adventures… Anita


  2. Alison Hartmann says:

    WOW!!! Wonderful to hear you arrived safely! Congratulations on taking a dream and making it come alive. You both look so happy and healthy. Keep enjoying the experience and keep posting!


  3. Charles de Testa says:

    Proud of both of you !
    Let’s meet in the Caribeans then. I will be around on my friends catamaran “Vent d’Arguin” between mid-March and mid-April as every year, not sure yet if we will head north to BVI’s or south to Grenade.
    Bravo again, and I wish you a happy 2017


  4. Rich and Diane says:

    Congratulations Sergio and Gemma! We are happy you arrived safely after what I am sure was a memorable journey. Now it’s time to enjoy the warmth of the Caribbean! See you in St. Maartin.


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