Les Saints

arrival-at-les-saintsLes Saints, a group of islands south of Guadalupe, were – for a change (!) – discovered by Columbus and named after the day of his arrival, on November 1st – All Saints day.
We arrived in the bay in front of Grand Bourg on January 27th around 11.30am just on time to get the very last buoy available for mooring. The bay and the  small village are very very nice, with the houses being dots of red and white in a landscape made of greens and blue. In fact, these islands have a well developed vegetation, beautiful small bays with clear water and lots of colorful fishes.
We spent the afternoon walking through the village of Grand Bourg, which resembles a small city in Cote d’Azur. You can taste crêpes and gallettes as you were in France… in fact you are in France, Les Saints is part of Guadalupe, one of the Terrés d’Outremer! What a wonderful remote piece of France!

Grand Bourg bay

Grand Bourg bay

Rainbow at Les Saints

Rainbow at Les Saints

View of Les Saints islands

View of Les Saints islands

One thought on “Les Saints

  1. Brigitte says:

    What a beautiful trip ! You are never going to see life the same way after this !
    Enjoy , Enjoy, Enjoy !!
    love from a rainy Belgium
    Emilia and Brigitte


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