Lemmon Cays (San Blas archipelago)


Tiadup - Lemmon Cays

Tiadup – Lemmon Cays

We woke up in between Miriadup, Naguarchirdup and Tiadup, a beatiful set of “dup”, “island” in Kuna language. The day was beautiful, sunny and with almost no wind. We then decided to take the opportunity to walk up the mast to try to repair the anchor light, that would not turn on. Gemma pulled up Sergio to the top of the mast, where he spent almost a hour hanging on the rope, deciding at the end to remove the whole lamp assembly and buy a new one when back in Rome.

Naguarchirdup - Lemmon Cays

Naguarchirdup – Lemmon Cays

Tiadup from the top of the mast

Tiadup from the top of the mast

Zoe from the top of the mast

Zoe from the top of the mast

After this exercise, we enjoyed a tour by dinghy of the nearby islands, realizing how beautiful they are but also how many “no-see-’em” they host! Chagra, je-jen or no-see-’em (short for “you do not see them”) are different words that identify extremely small flies that byte and leave lots of very scratchy bubbles for about a week. The common repellents and mosquito nets are useless; the best defense is to escape as fast as possible when you realize you are becoming food for them. The problem is that there is no way to know in advance if the island is infested by these insects, as it depends on the wind and other variables obscure to us.


Kagandup - Lemmon Cays

Kagandup – Lemmon Cays

The following day we decided to leave heading towards the Eastern Lemmon Cays.

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