Eastern Lemmon Cays

Dog Island

Dog Island

Dog Island is the first of the Eastern Lemmon Cays that you encounter coming from West. It is famous for the wreck that lies submerged a few meters from the beach. It is what remains of a cargo whose captain in the ’50s decided to beach due to an engine failure, to save the rum that was transporting.

2017-11-22 13.47.34 SM-G903F

Dog Island – on the left the emerged part of the sunk ship

Now it is a great snorkelling spot as coral and fishes colonized it. We spent quite sometime exploring the wreck as well as the small island nearby. We definitely recommend a visit to this place. We continued for about 20 minutes to anchor in front of Nuinudup, where we met a few Italian boats that were previously in Chichime. It seems like a small world…



The island of Nuinudup constituted a remarkable experience because… It was “no-see-’em” free! A very positive feature that we are realizing is not that common in this area…

We have seen this traditional canoes several times by now, but we will never stop being surprised and full of of appreciation for the Kuna people using them in place of more “modern” boats.

2017-11-23 13.01.16 Canon EOS 500D

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