10 days in the San Blas with Marie-Helene and Thierry

On the 17th of February Marie-Helene and Thierry, a couple of long time friends from France joined us after an adventurous journey. The transfer from Panama City to Carti lasted about 3 hours going through dirty roads, including passages through the jungle; in Carti, a lancia was waiting to take them to our boat. As a matter of fact, till the day before this transfer was in question as the Kuna Congress decided to forbid any transfer from the mainland to sailboats. Fortunately, the agency that they hired was able to find a “circumvention” to the problem and we were extremely happy to see them pop-up around noon.

Marie-Helene and Thierry spent 10 days with us on board. We had wonderful time with them sailing and visiting some of the most scenic islands of the San Blas archipelago. In order to get an overview of the route, click here to consult the interactive map. We had a constantly sunny and pleasantly windy weather that allowed us to enjoy every single moment and appreciate the wonderful colors of the sea – that the photos that follow can barely reproduce!

On February 26th they left the 28-30 degree temperature range of this region to return to snowy Paris – we were very sorry to see them leaving!


Gemma and Marie-Helene

Sergio and Thierry

Venanzio, a mola (one of the rectangles in the picture) maker in Salardup – 17 February 2018

Myriadup, Naguardup Cays – 18 February 2018


Myriadup, Naguardup Cays – 18 February 2018


Cambombia, Naguardup Cays – 18 February 2018


Waisaladup, Green Island – 19 February 2018


Nargana – 20 February 2018


Bridge between Nargana and Corazon de Jesus – 20 February 2018

The crew in Nargana – 20 February 2018


Coco Bandero – 20 February 2018


BBQ Island, Holandes Cays – 21 February 2018


BBQ Island, Holandes Cays – 21 February 2018


The Pools, Holandes Cays – 21 February 2018


Tiadup, Holandes Cays – 22 February 2018


Sand Islet / Kalugirdup, Holandes Cays – 23 February 2018


Sibadup, Holandes Cays – 23 February 2018


Miriadup, Holandes Cays – 23 February 2018


Uchutupu Dummat, Chichime – 24 February 2018

Uchutupu Dummat, Chichime – 24 February 2018

Provisioning in Chichime – 24 February 2018


Yansaladup, Eastern Lemmon Cays – 24 February 2018


Dog Island, Eastern Lemmon Cays – 25 February 2018


Tiadup, Lemmon Cays – 26 February 2018


Lunch together

“Mail in the bucket” (phone in a bucket brought to the top of the mast to get a better signal)



6 thoughts on “10 days in the San Blas with Marie-Helene and Thierry

  1. Charles de Testa says:

    Hello there !
    Sergio, happy to see you both spending time with Marie-Helene and Thierry in the San Blas…
    One of my top 3’s spots for sure !
    Funny enough, I was at the same time (March) sailing north in the Grenadines during 3 weeks, with one of my long time friend Bernard on his Lagoon 380.
    All the best from Charles

    Liked by 1 person

  2. lutzmarten says:

    Sergio, how do you manage to have still pasta and vino rosso! That lunch looks yummy! Thanks again for the story telling around your Caribbean adventures! 🙂 Stay safe!


  3. marie helene says:

    Yesterday was about cooking , today I will about a topic linked theorically to the previous one : FISHING.
    which type of fish can we catch in such wonderful places ?
    Sorry … I don’t know…
    Despite the incredible efforts of Sergio and Thierry, their reflexions, the change of their technics,
    their creativity, no fish or a little one … BUT may be during one night , we heard a big bang and in the morning , the fish hook was competely twisted. We dreamed of a big tuna , why not a shark , so the day after, they put a bigger hook … without success …
    We caught fingers, mine and Thierry’s ones 🙂 ,
    I learned the endlessly patience … to descramble
    so we have to study what are the best approaches and …. come back 🙂


  4. marie helene says:

    thank you for this post !! it was a wonderful time with you 2!
    But I would add some missing points …
    Today will be about the cooking and the talents of the cookers !!!
    we were in a 4 stars place … at least !!
    – Pan cakes of the morning ! when you wake up in the mornin, can you imagine this delicious smell of hot pan cakes?
    – Menus for lunch and dinner : make your choice! fish, octopus or …langosta ?
    – Do you want some fresh fruits ? no problemo . daily Miracle : a boat arrives with plenty of ananas bananas maracujas ….
    And … don’ t worry , you are not going to starve ! Remember, we are with italian people . So, you open a cupboard, and you find .. you find…
    …. P A S T A !!! Plenty of pasta
    – the only point I have to confess is about : l’omelette.
    we had the occasion to compare the italian omelette and the french omelette …
    and the winner is …. 🙂 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Brigitte Morel says:

    I understand why you don t think of coming back soon !! Enjoy ! you only live one guys !
    We love you but we miss you !


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