On February 19th we left Antigua heading to Barbuda; during the passage we were approached by two dolphins that accompanied us for about 20 minutes, the first ones we spotted since the Atlantic passage.



Cocoa Point

Barbuda is a coral formed island, that can be spotted only a few miles before arrival, as it is very flat.

Gravenor Bay

We landed in Gravenor Bay; dribbling the coral heads spread all around us, we anchored in the southeast part of the bay, a true paradise for snorkeling.

We went by dinghy to the Cocoa Lodge beach, a beautiful, long strip of coral sand belonging to a very exclusive resort.

Cocoa Lodge Beach

Cocoa Lodge

The day after we anchored in the east cost of Barbuda from where we made a two hour trip by dinghy to the only town in the island, Codrington. We crossed a very large lagoon where hundreds of “Fregata Magnificent” birds live in a protected sanctuary. The town of Codrington is a small, tidy place, focused on fishing and tourism, however quite different from its neighbors. In fact Barbuda is still unspoiled, not touched by the mass tourism; we hope it will remain this way. We will keep wonderful memories of this island.


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